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AspMap 4.5 released 

Posted by VDS Technologies Friday, March 23, 2012 10:00:00 AM

The AspMap 4.5 release contains the following features.

Server-side API:

  • Support for UTF-8 and 100+ national codepages.
  • Full support for Unicode.
  • Support for IE8's standards mode.
  • Polygon layers can be labeled at the centroid of a polygon (useful for tile maps).
  • Hotspots now can display information in an InfoWindow.
  • Marker class
  • Markers collection
  • MarkerSymbol class
  • Polygon class
  • Polyline class
  • Map class:
    HotspotInfoClick event
  • Layer class:
    CharSet property
  • ZoomBar class:
    ShowHomeButton property
  • MapHotspots class:
    AddInfo method
  • LabelStyle enumeration:
    PolygonCentroid member
  • Feature class:
    ShowLabels property

Client-side API:

  • Map class:
    visible property
    backgroundLayerMapObject property
    print method
    markerClick event


  • Markers (new, AJAX samples)
  • Locations (new, AJAX and standard samples)
  • Shapes (new, AJAX and standard samples)
  • Airports (updated, AJAX and standard samples)

AspMap 4.3 released 

Posted by VDS Technologies Thursday, March 22, 2012 12:00:00 AM

The AspMap 4.3 release contains the following features.

Server-side API:

  • Map caching:
    Map caching is an effective way to make your mapping application run faster. When you deploy cached maps, your users spend less time waiting for the map to draw (during pan and zoom operations). AspMap distributes cached images whenever someone asks for a map. It is much quicker for AspMap to hand out a cached image than to draw the map each time someone requests it. Map caching is implemented by all popular Internet mapping sites, with map caching offered by AspMap, you can achieve similar performance for your maps.
  • Support for the Google Maps API
  • Support for the Microsoft Virtual Earth API
  • TileLayer class
  • GoogleMapsLayer class
  • VirtualEarthLayer class
  • Map class:
    PanCursor property
    EnableZoomAnimation property
    AutoDispose property
  • Layer class:
    Open method

Client-side API:

  • Map class:
    width property
    height property
    resizeTo method
    resize method
    panToolClick event
    pointTool event
    infoTool event
  • MouseEventArgs class:
    mapPoint property


  • Tile Map (ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX)
  • Using Google Maps (ASP.NET AJAX)
  • Using Microsoft Virtual Earth (ASP.NET AJAX)

AspMap 4.2 released 

Posted by VDS Technologies Wednesday, March 21, 2012 1:48:00 AM

The AspMap 4.2 release contains the following features and fixes.

  • Client-side API: zoom/pan, map centering, animation functionality.
  • The Map control now supports navigation with the mouse wheel.
  • Added support for zoom levels into the Map control.
  • The new ZoomBar control allows users to zoom/pan the map and navigate the map by zoom levels.
  • Support for pie/bar charts.
  • The Symbol class now supports font symbols for point layers.
  • Support for WMS (Web Map Services).
  • The new WmsService control turns your existing mapping application into a WMS service, or allows developers to implement a WMS service as an ASP.NET Web handler.
  • The new WmsLayer class allows developers to display maps from external WMS services as map layers.
  • Four new samples: bar/pie charting, WMS client/server demos, client-side API demonstration.
  • Map Control
    ZoomLevels property
    ZoomLevel property
    EnableScrollWheelZoom property
    ClientCoordinateType property
    ToScale method
  • AnimationLayer Class
    CoordinateSystem property
  • CoordSystem Class
    ToWgs84 method
    FromWgs84 method
  • Segment Class
    Shape property
  • Layer Class
    ChartRenderer property
  • Symbol Class
    PointFont property
    CharIndex property
  • Route Class
    RoutePath property
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