Which Operator for MinScale and MaxScale

11/18/2013 8:06:42 AM
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Which Operator for MinScale and MaxScale



I have some questions about MinScale and MaxScale. Which operator is used for the minimum and maximum scale?

I thought that this the value for the min Scale is ">=" (greater than or equal) the current map scale, but I realized that is only "=" (greater).


If I like to show some Layer from 500 (my minimum scale) to 30.000 (my zoom level city), I can't set

layer.MinScale = 500;

layer.MaxScale = 30000;


I must set

layer.MinScale = 500 - 1;

layer.MaxScale = 30000;


Can I adjust the operator of MinScale? Or should I handle this with the "-1"? Because I have many layers, I don't like this solution.


I use the ASPMAP version 4.7 and can't update in the moment to 4.8 :-(



11/18/2013 1:42:37 PM
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Re: Which Operator for MinScale and MaxScale

If the current scale is less than the value of MinScale, the layer will not be displayed.
If it is equal or greater, the layer will be visible.