Overlapping Callouts, ActualMap 4.4, VB.NET

2/28/2014 4:37:26 AM
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Overlapping Callouts, ActualMap 4.4, VB.NET

Hello All, I'm wondering if anyone can help me:


  • ActualMap 4.4
  • VB.NET application

I have a Generic List of items. Each item is a class containing these values:

  • Longitude (Double)
  • Latitude¬†(Double)
  • Display Name (String)

There's no specific answer to what the count is every time the application is run.

I then create a new ActualMap Layer, then create a new DynamicPoints object and add it to the Layer. The Layer is then added to the Map. The Layer has ShowLabels as false, because I prefer the look of a Callout.

I have a For Each loop which goes through the List above and adds each item as a DynamicPoint.

Within the loop I create a new Callout, giving the X & Y values the Longitude and Latitude values. So every item in the List has a DynamicPoint and a Callout on a Layer.

The Map is then refreshed and exported as a Bitmap using the GetBitmap function.


The Callouts overlap each other on the map image. Is there a way of preventing this? I still want to see all Callouts and DynamicPoints, and ideally the Callouts should know not to overlap another Callout. Is this possible?


Any comments are greatly appreciated, thanks.


2/28/2014 9:46:45 AM
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Re: Overlapping Callouts, ActualMap 4.4, VB.NET

If you have a lot of points, try to display the text as labels instead.
Callouts are designed to be visible always, some callouts will overlap if it is not possible to fit them without overlapping.

We may add a flag that will prevent overlapping in next version, this way some callouts will be hidden (as labels). Please let us know if this feature is what you need.

2/28/2014 9:56:05 AM
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Re: Overlapping Callouts, ActualMap 4.4, VB.NET

I have tried using Labels but they disappear on some points if the area is too crowded, and they don't have a tail leading to the Point which is essential having there is lots of Points on the map.

Callouts are probably the best option on how they look, and having the flag on Callouts would be a good feature so I can test what looks best; having multiple overlapping Callouts or fully visible Callouts that hide others if too close.