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5/31/2012 3:10:37 PM
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Work Offline

If i use AspMap and using Google map as map services in my website , that means AspMap is on the server side

and connect to the internet to get Google Maps services in may Application(AspMap).

all the client  connect to the server and all of them not have internet service only connect intranet (locally) to the server , is the client have ability to open AspMap app on his PC or Lab top >>>


as you know server have public connection to the internet and private connection for >>>


that means all the client work as offline , they don't have internet in his PC only local network...



6/1/2012 4:46:05 AM
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Re: Work Offline

It is possible to connect to an AspMap-enabled server application via an intranet network without Internet access, but if you added a background (GM/Virtual Earth) or WMS layer - your clients must have access to the Internet at least via a proxy server because these layers reside on the client-side only. Background layers like GM/Virtual Earth are handled by their JavaScript APIs, not the AspMap server-side API.