MapShape from map_InfoWindowTool

9/21/2014 12:37:12 PM
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MapShape from map_InfoWindowTool



i want to Add ashape from map_InfoWindowTool by using following code : 

MapShape ms = Map1.MapShapes.Add(records.Shape);
ms.Symbol.FillColor = Color.Yellow;
ms.Symbol.Size = 1;

but nothing happend when i click on the map the infoWindow is appear , but added shape does not appear.



9/22/2014 3:39:45 AM
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Re: MapShape from map_InfoWindowTool

The InfoWindow tool can be used to display an information window only, it does not update the map.

Use the standard Info tool if you need to update the map. An information window can be displayed by the Map.ShowInfoWindow method (AspMap 4.8.4).