5/24/2015 2:22:42 AM
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I have used following code to view a data layer from geoserver.


Dim wms As WmsLayer = New WmsLayer(



map.ImageFormat = ImageFormat.Png

map.ImageOpacity = 0


But nothing is viewed.

Coul any one tell me what is the problem.



5/24/2015 9:37:28 AM
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Re: Geoserver

Please try this code


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
if (!IsPostBack)
map.ImageOpacity = 0;
map.BackColor = Color.Transparent;
map.ImageFormat = ImageFormat.Gif;


protected void AddWmsLayer()
WmsLayer wms = new WmsLayer("", new AspMap.Rectangle(88.0,26.63, 92.68,20.59));
wms.ImageFormat = ImageFormat.Gif;
// add the WMS layer to the map
AspMap.Layer wmsLayer = map.AddLayer(wms);
// set the coordinate system of the map to the coordinate system of the WMS layer
map.CoordinateSystem = CoordSystem.WGS1984;
// limit the full extent of the map to the extent of the WMS layer
map.Extent = wmsLayer.Extent;

5/25/2015 2:09:59 AM
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Re: Geoserver

The server is not available.

If you try to show a single WMS layer only(without local layers), you have to specify the extent of the WMS layer and use second constructor of the WmsLayer class. But, the server is not available, so it is impossible to get meta information about the WMS service.