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4/16/2012 3:59:55 AM
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GIF Animation symbol

I am creating Callcenter GIS Information. I want to add Point in it, but I need to add animation symbol. what method adding layer for this? GIF Animation symbol not run in map.layeradd() function.

4/16/2012 12:38:44 PM
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Re: GIF Animation

Try to use markers instead.

4/17/2014 12:22:46 PM
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Re: GIF Animation

Can you please provide me a sample to show image or marker symbol instead of simple points. I am using postgis db

4/17/2014 12:34:53 PM
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Re: GIF Animation

For markers,see the 'Markers' chapter in the documentation and the same set of samples in the installed standard samples.

For images, see the 'Rendering Features/Rendering Points' sample.

Symbol symbol = map["capitals"].Symbol;
symbol.PointStyle = PointStyle.Bitmap;
symbol.Bitmap = MapPath("symbols/airport.bmp");
symbol.TransparentColor = Color.White;