Can't delete Tab Files Index after AddLayer method

12/20/2012 12:58:16 AM
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Can't delete Tab Files Index after AddLayer method


I have an issue and hoping that someone could help me find the solution.

I have implemented a custom configuration for a layer, which allows users to modify layer properties and/or create index for layer.

The way I implemented the function is first is creating a dummy Layer to get the layer properties using:

> Map map = new Map();
> Layer layer = map.AddLayer("LayerLocation");
> // and utilize the layer properties to create custom layer configuration which is saved in database 

By the time I implemented the remove index function, which removes the generated ".ttx" file from Tab files or ".stx" file from Shapefiles, I found an error which occurs for Tab files only. The function works fine for Shapefiles. The error says: "cannot access the file because it being used by another process.".

I have checked using Process Explorer, and it seems that the files locked after the

> Layer layer = map.AddLayer("LayerLocation");

is called.

I have tried to dispose the Map and Layer object which is involved in this function, but then it won't release the lock for the Tab files index. So I will have to reset IIS first in order to delete the files.

Not sure if it is a bug, but once again this issue only occurs on Tab files but not for Shapefiles.

I would appreciate any help.

Best Regards.

12/21/2012 7:50:43 AM
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Re: Can't delete Tab Files Index after AddLayer method

This seems to be an issue. If you are a registered customer, please submit a support ticket to receive a quick fix.