aspmap on android and safari

3/23/2013 12:37:33 PM
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aspmap on android and safari

i have trouble with aspmap in android and safari

tools zoom and pan can't running well

1. please tell me what version on android and safari that aspmap can run?

2. please tell me the script of pan and zoom in android and safari 


thanks in advance

3/24/2013 2:36:37 AM
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Re: aspmap on android and safari

AspMap 4.7 is adapted for Android/iOS devices.
There are no separate scripts, support for pinch zoom/pan is built-in.

3/25/2013 4:13:20 AM
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Re: aspmap on android and safari

I have also zoom problems. In IE8, 9 and 10, zoom in and zoom out works without problems.

In Opera (12.14), Chrome (25) and FireFox (19.0.2) I can zoom in only at the first time. After this, I can make no zoom in, zoom out, or full zoom. Nothing has happened.


I use this definitions for my toolbar-buttons:

<img id="imgZoomFull" src="../../images/gis/zoomfull.gif" alt="Volle Zoomstufe" onclick="zoomFull();" />
<aspmap:MapToolButton ID="zoomInTool" runat="server" ImageUrl="../../images/gis/zoomin.gif"
                ToolTip="Kartenauschnitt verkleinern" Map="map" />
<aspmap:MapToolButton ID="zoomOutTool" runat="server" ImageUrl="../../images/gis/zoomout.gif"
                ToolTip="Kartenauschnitt vergrößern" Map="map" MapTool="ZoomOut" />


The Javascript:

function zoomFull()

3/25/2013 4:53:46 AM
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Re: aspmap on android and safari

Please check the following site or the standard AspMap samples.

If there are problems, please let us know which samples do not work.
If possible, send the error message text. It can be found at Tools/Web Developer/Error Console for Firefox.

(we have checked the browser versions with the version 4.7 and currently cannot confirm problems with zoom/pan operations)

4/5/2013 5:01:50 AM
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Re: aspmap on android and safari

ok thanks,

i just try aspmap 4.7 and its works...


i love aspmap



4/5/2013 8:41:41 AM
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Re: aspmap on android and safari

Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.