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Tile map road line width

4/30/2017 11:23:22 AM
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Tile map road line width


I just tried the Tile feature, which is cool. However all my roads are now skinny. The roads are in a line layer, I used to set the symbol size by the scale of the map so that when zoomed in, the road is thicker and when zoom out the road is thinner.

Anyone has any idea of how to do the same for Tile layer?


5/4/2017 10:20:48 AM
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Re: Tile map road line width

A TileLayer object has almost the same properties as the Map object, excepting that it generates tiled images instead of a single map images. Thereby, set the MaxScale/MinScale properties of the Layer/FeatureRenderer objects to control the width of lines.

See the MapCaching.aspx sample on how to render roads with different line width.