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Shape intersec area

9/5/2012 10:32:21 AM
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Shape intersect area


if I have :

Shape A in Layer 1 and Shape B in Layer 2

Shape A intersect Shape B is true

Can i calculate the area of intersect?


9/5/2012 1:46:22 PM
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Re: Shape intersec area

sorry for my english

Your issue has been discussed at this link




7/16/2014 1:59:26 AM
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Re: Shape intersec area

hi there, i can't find any informtion with the link. it was 404 error page not found. how to intersect between two layer polygon and how to calculate the area of intersect? many thanks
7/16/2014 2:28:03 AM
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Re: Shape intersec area

Use the Intersect method

Shape result = shapeA.Intersect(shapeB);

if (intersect != null)
   double area = Math.Abs(result.Area); 

   // Shape.Area can return a negative result is the shape is a hole (points have counterclockwise order)


7/24/2014 5:21:56 AM
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Re: Shape intersec area

nice.. :)