AspMap 4.2 released

The AspMap 4.2 release contains the following features and fixes.

  • Client-side API: zoom/pan, map centering, animation functionality.
  • The Map control now supports navigation with the mouse wheel.
  • Added support for zoom levels into the Map control.
  • The new ZoomBar control allows users to zoom/pan the map and navigate the map by zoom levels.
  • Support for pie/bar charts.
  • The Symbol class now supports font symbols for point layers.
  • Support for WMS (Web Map Services).
  • The new WmsService control turns your existing mapping application into a WMS service, or allows developers to implement a WMS service as an ASP.NET Web handler.
  • The new WmsLayer class allows developers to display maps from external WMS services as map layers.
  • Four new samples: bar/pie charting, WMS client/server demos, client-side API demonstration.
  • Map Control
    ZoomLevels property
    ZoomLevel property
    EnableScrollWheelZoom property
    ClientCoordinateType property
    ToScale method
  • AnimationLayer Class
    CoordinateSystem property
  • CoordSystem Class
    ToWgs84 method
    FromWgs84 method
  • Segment Class
    Shape property
  • Layer Class
    ChartRenderer property
  • Symbol Class
    PointFont property
    CharIndex property
  • Route Class
    RoutePath property
Posted by VDS Technologies Wednesday, March 21, 2012 1:48:00 AM

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