AspMap 4.5 released

The AspMap 4.5 release contains the following features.

Server-side API:

  • Support for UTF-8 and 100+ national codepages.
  • Full support for Unicode.
  • Support for IE8's standards mode.
  • Polygon layers can be labeled at the centroid of a polygon (useful for tile maps).
  • Hotspots now can display information in an InfoWindow.
  • Marker class
  • Markers collection
  • MarkerSymbol class
  • Polygon class
  • Polyline class
  • Map class:
    HotspotInfoClick event
  • Layer class:
    CharSet property
  • ZoomBar class:
    ShowHomeButton property
  • MapHotspots class:
    AddInfo method
  • LabelStyle enumeration:
    PolygonCentroid member
  • Feature class:
    ShowLabels property

Client-side API:

  • Map class:
    visible property
    backgroundLayerMapObject property
    print method
    markerClick event


  • Markers (new, AJAX samples)
  • Locations (new, AJAX and standard samples)
  • Shapes (new, AJAX and standard samples)
  • Airports (updated, AJAX and standard samples)
Posted by VDS Technologies Friday, March 23, 2012 10:00:00 AM

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